Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Complete 'Twenty Days of Being Silent'

'Twenty Days of Being Silent' is an essentially unautobiographic series of self-portraits, shot in the course of 20 days during which I abstained from speaking. Originally conceived as a somewhat formal exercise in style, the images ended up recording a self-subversive experiment with a lost sense of identity. The body, deprived of other ways of communication than making itself visible, over-reliant on gesture and expression and permanently aware of its forced muteness, becomes the scene for an experience that is at the same time mental and organic. The staged, thoroughly constructed look of the final photographs becomes an anti-statement, in a rather Brechtian "here-I-stand-no-implications-made" manner.

Monday, 13 September 2010

screw you i don't love you i love you screw me

fond memories i'll have of the days when i was a nobody

Sunday, 11 July 2010

a girl's take on l'amour fou


In your checkered shirt with your long black
hair you looked just like Jean-Pierre Leaud
with Paul Newman's eyes I could have met
in East London

The only thing I've ever really desired is to
be permanently fascinated

I don't own myself anymore

You grow like algae in my
blood, I smell like algae

I can't go to bed with anyone else

memories of traces of saliva

People like you and me end up the same
height when they make love

soft and white like a girl

I don't care about film festivals

When you're stroked, you just stroke back, it's normal