Tuesday, 22 February 2011

jack and jill drafts

god's glue/a jack and jill story is an ongoing body of work visually informed by surrealism and the so-called Boston school of photography. god's glue will draw on all sorts of cultural references, from Shakespeare to Franz Kafka's "Letters to Milena".

Jack and Jill, apart from the well-known children's verse, can also refer to informal dancing contests in which the best guy and the best girl are chosen based on who's the most pleasant to dance with. Being Jack and Jill as lovers is being in a state of chosenness and consubstantiality (through the phonetic resemblance of names, at the very least).

The project will bring together several visual strategies, combining still life, tableau, urbanscape and portraiture (self-portraiture included). Multiple models would be used to impersonate Jack and Jill, modern self-subverting lovers that somehow ended up stuck together with god's glue, there being no other way of explaining their mutual dependency.

Love would be treated as a transfiguring trouvaille, something permanently and irrationally present like Man Ray's Starfish and, of course, superior to everyday ordinary love. The image would function as a way of recording the automatique and a way of creating visceral surfaces that surpass representation.

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