Saturday, 14 January 2012


I started taking pictures of London's skylines by sheer accident, and by sheer accident I tried the sandwich technique on them. A colour print was re-photographed on black and white film, and a new hand print made from two negatives placed one on top of the other. I wanted it be yellow - or golden, depending on how one perceives it.

And so I found myself entirely possessed by shades of yellow, be that illness, rotting paper or golden skin that smells of honey and can only belong to beautiful next-to-heavenly creatures.

After I made around 5 prints, I somehow abandoned them, discarding as unconceptual and going nowhere until one day the sky was low and milky white again, and there I was on Jubilee bridge, kneeling to get the angle right, waiting for Waterloo bridge to be empty of passing vehicles and shaking because it was insanely cold and I had left my gloves behind again.

This ongoing series is essentially about organic sensations opening onto transcendental experiences and the "desire for someone's presence" (c)

We live for the sake
of moments of enlightenment
And so I was walking
infinitely towards you
To contemplate all the eidola
By your side

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